5 Natural Ways to Boost your Energy Levels

Stop feeling fatigued with these five natural ways to turn the tide on tiredness and boost your energy levels.

It’s normal to have the occasional sluggish day. But if feeling tired has become your new normal and you’re staggering through your days looking for a bottomless coffee pot, then it’s probably time to assess which lifestyle habits you should drop and which ones you need to incorporate.

Fortunately, you don’t need to accept fatigue as a way of life with these five natural ways to turn the tide on tiredness, boost your energy levels, and stop longing for your bed whenever you’re not in it.

1. Optimize Your Sleep Cycles

Sleep is one of the first places you should turn to in your search for more energy. And while most people look to how many hours of shut-eye they’re getting, your optimal sleep cycle starts from the moment you wake. Stepping outside into natural light soon after waking sends a signal to your brain that this is the start of your awake cycle, which maximizes melatonin levels at night and begins the countdown to the start of your sleep cycle. Light exposure at the right time will also signal other hormones that help you maintain focus, energy, and alertness throughout the day.

2. Generate Energy Every 60-90 Minutes

Human beings don’t ‘get’ energy, we create it. And while most of us fall prey to sitting at our desks for hours at a time, that, unfortunately, doesn’t get balanced out with a 60-minute middle-of-the-day workout. To recharge throughout your day you need to set a time to remind yourself to get up and move around every 60-90 minutes. Any form of movement will do, from low impact workouts like walking or a 5-minute yoga session to a quick burst of 50 jumping jacks. These activities can generate enough of a boost in your hormones to instantly make you feel more energized.

3. Buffer Your Mind & Body Against Tension

Truth is, unchecked tension can eat away at your energy levels and is likely one of the biggest culprits in your mental and physical energy crisis. Carving out time to create calm in your day can help to switch off your sympathetic (fight-or-flight) nervous system within a few seconds. Simple breathing exercises, meditation, restorative yoga, or taking a bath before bed can help to reduce your body’s tension and enhance energy and wellbeing.

4. Focus on Cellular Hydration 

You’ve likely heard about the importance of hydration for overall wellness and that fatigue is a marker of dehydration. But there’s a lot more to it than simply infusing your body with 8 glasses of water a day. What’s really important is how much of that water gets inside your cells, and how your cells use it. Your cells use the hydrogen molecules in water (that’s the H in H2O) to make ATP, the basic unit of energy that your cells use to run your body and keep your energy bank account high. The problem occurs when the electrical charge across your cellular membrane isn’t high enough to pull in water in the first place. To increase this electrical charge make sure you incorporate good sources of fiber like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, as well as intermittently drinking electrolyte-rich water.

5. Bolster Your Endocannabinoid System 

The endocannabinoid system is something most people haven’t heard about—but it’s one of the most crucial systems involved in supporting your wider wellness, including your vitality. It acts as a gateway between mind and body to keep your internal and cellular environment stable and optimal no matter what’s going on in the environment around you. CBD is designed to supplement the endocannabinoids naturally found in your body. When specifically formulated, like our Calm & Centered Collection, it can support your body to stay in balance, help you to feel serene while still feeling focused and centered, and kickstart your day feeling refreshed (not sluggish).

If it seems there isn’t enough caffeine in the world to get you through your day, it’s time to set down the coffee cup and start to incorporate some natural ways to curb your personal energy crisis, feel well-rested, clear-headed, and experience optimum wellness and overall wellbeing along the way.

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