Cameron Diaz Talks CBD with Sagely Naturals

Join us as we talk CBD with Cameron Diaz from how she discovered Sagely Naturals, why she became an investor, and how CBD works.

As the largest, female-founded CBD company, we were absolutely thrilled to have Cameron Diaz become a part of the Sagely Naturals team. Not only was she one of our first investors, but she has also been an ardent supporter of female-founded businesses.

“I was looking for companies that were in line with what I felt was important and CBD was absolutely that for me. I wanted to be able to support a company that was leading [the way],” says Cameron.

“The Relief & Recovery capsules were incredible. My mom... still to this day takes them every single day."

Join us as we chat all things CBD with Cameron—from how she discovered Sagely Naturals, to why she decided to invest in our company, to how CBD actually works.


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