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Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Wellbeing - The Latest Evolution of Sagely Naturals CBD is Here

Sagely Naturals announces its latest CBD product innovations with increased potency, more value, and increased accessibility.

Since we started Sagely Naturals in 2015, we have remained committed to our mission of helping people do more of what they love by making CBD more accessible and approachable. It’s the reason our products are optimal blends of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD and important co-ingredients. It’s the reason we have expanded to over 12,000 retail stores, introduced hundreds of thousands of customers to a wiser way of wellness, and produced the top-selling CBD topical in the US. And it’s the reason we continually innovate and explore new ways to embrace plant-based wellness. 

Introducing Our Refreshed Product Lineup

Today we are excited to announce our latest innovations—new, enhanced versions of popular products from our Relief & Recovery and Calm & Centered Collections. We believe complex times call for Sage wisdom - that’s why our updated lineup has: 

More CBD: We increased potency as much as 5 times our original formulas
Lower Prices: We’re providing you with more value and accessibility
• A Refreshing Makeover: We took the same clean look you love and infused more color, making Sagely Naturals an even more vibrant (and potent) addition to your whole self-wellness routine

We invite you to explore the new versions of your favorite products!

Relief & Recovery Extra Strength Body Cream, 4oz 
• Now with 3 times more CBD: 750mg
• New price: $̶5̶4̶.̶9̶9̶ $49.99

Relief & Recovery Body Cream, 4oz
• Now with 5 times more CBD: 250mg
• New Price: $̶3̶4̶.̶9̶9̶ $29.99

Relief & Recovery Body Cream, 2oz 
• Now with 5 times more CBD: 125mg
• New Price: $̶1̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ $16.99

Relief & Recovery Roll-On, .33oz 
• Now with 3 times more CBD: 150mg

Calm & Centered Body Cream, 4oz 
• Now with five times more CBD: 250mg

Calm & Centered Roll-On, .33oz 
• Now with 3 times more CBD: 150mg

These changes have been in the making for countless months and we couldn’t be more humbled and excited to introduce you to them. Our Co-Founders, Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol, also shared their thoughts:

"We launched our first product over four years ago and ever since we've been committed to ensuring that we're always listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and improving our offerings. A lot has changed in the industry since we launched in 2015 and these changes represent our continued commitment to evolve our approach to plant-based medicine. We're overjoyed that the refreshed products will allow us to deliver even more value to everyone that uses Sagely Naturals.”—Kerrigan

"Innovation is one of our core values at Sagely Naturals. As category creators, our goal is to shake the world in a gentle way. With our latest launch of refreshed packaging, reduced pricing, and increased potency, we wanted to ensure we focused our innovation efforts not just to new product development, but to our existing products as well. was applied not just to new product development, but to our existing products as well. "—Kaley

We hope these upgrades to your favorite products will help you do more of what you love—in the New Year and beyond.

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