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4 Lessons CBD Can Teach Us About Whole Self Wellness

At Sagely Naturals, we firmly believe in the power of plant-based ingredients for optimum wellness—but the power extends far beyond the plants themselves. Your body intrinsically desires vibrant health and with CBD rising to the top of the national wellness scene, it’s helping to lead the conversation about what we’re putting into (and on) our bodies. 

Here’s how CBD is shining a light on all the ways you can thrive wisely to optimize your health and why it’s empowering people to discover new ways to feel even better:

1. Taking a Whole-Self Wellness Approach

Since CBD works by interacting with our body’s master regulatory system (the Endocannabinoid System), it shows us that feeling good isn’t about a quick-fix or a miracle solution. It’s thinking about the whole wellness picture and striving to keep it in balance. Things like quality sleep, exercise, reducing tension and feeding your body clean ingredients also cause a ripple effect in your body and mind. The moral of the story is: the more you treat both with kindness, the better you’ll feel.

2. Mastering the Art of Reading Product Labels

There’s no question that getting the most out of CBD as a consumer requires understanding and discernment of product labels. Developing a habit of turning over products to read the ingredients list on the back is crucial to ensure you only bring home the safest items—whether fragrances, household cleaners, makeup, or groceries. And as you develop confidence in making informed choices it also means you can help your loved ones to be better educated too.

3. Minimizing Toxin Exposure & Hormone Disruption

CBD shows you how important it is to gradually rebalance your system with quality, plant-based ingredients and helps us all to appreciate how delicate our internal “eco-systems” are. Whether through swapping out toxic bathroom products, chemical sunscreens or hormone disruptors found in plastic and food packaging—you can start to make small changes consistently and patiently reduce your incidental toxin exposure that will pay a big health dividend.

4. Sourcing Only Nature’s Finest Ingredients

CBD is a great example of the importance of finding quality products that you can trust. It’s not enough to rely on regulations or have blind trust in marketing claims. There are no shortcuts to finding quality CBD products and this applies to anything else you choose to put on or in your body—things like adaptogens, turmeric, essential oils, and ashwagandha

Even if you’re not fully subscribed to a life of holistic living there are crucial learnings you can take from the world of CBD that will point you in the direction of thriving wisely both physically and mentally. And while you might not have all the answers yet—if you’re curious, interested in feeling and being your best, and open to exploring new solutions then it’s clear you’re on the right path to optimizing your health.



Got sample of your cbd cream at store and fell in love with it…


Learning about CBD has absolutely made me a more discerning customer in all areas of my life.

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