Make This Your Healthiest Summer Yet. Here's How.

Make sure your wellness goals aren’t thwarted by a summer of socializing with these tips to stay healthy and balanced all season long.

What’s not to love about summer’s long days, walks in the sunshine, family gatherings, your favorite seasonal fruits, and warmer weather. Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a (much-needed) break, relax, and reset your body back to balance. But it can also be a time when your best holistic living intentions are thwarted by more social invitations than usual, eating out more, and overindulging in the summer sun.

We've put together our top wellbeing tips to help you make sure this summer is your healthiest and happiest yet and to ensure you return to work or school feeling refueled and reenergized.

Take a Weekly Nature Cleanse

According to research, spending just two hours per week in natural environments, whether that’s hitting the beach, hanging with the kids at the park, or exploring woodlands—benefits your mental and physical wellbeing. Taking a break from digital life whether that’s in one long weekend session or shorter, frequent bursts during the week gives you the same nature cleanse benefits.

Eat Light, Eat Right

While it’s tempting to seek out the nearest ice cream stand or enjoy that extra Sunday afternoon rosé during summer—wherever you go, show up prepared with light options like a green smoothie, vegetable sticks, hummus, and salads. You’ll be less likely to feel sluggish and overindulge and your digestive system will thank you.

Soak Up Some Morning Sun

Since the sun rises earlier in summer, take advantage of the opportunity to naturally reset your circadian rhythms while also getting your daily dose of vitamin D. Not only will seeing the morning sun help you feel more energetic during your day it will also help you to sleep better at night. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the peacefulness of the start of the day before the rest of your household wakes and the busyness begins.

Incorporate Summer-Friendly Workouts

Be active during summer, but stay cool and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Exercise in the early morning or evening, seek shade, workout at the gym, or plan an active vacation like camping, hiking, kayaking, bicycling, and walking.

Yes, Drink Lots of Water

Water is your body’s best friend when it comes to contending with the summertime heat. The sun can be extremely dehydrating and when combined with the loss of water from your body from sweating it can affect your normal bodily functions. And since you’ll be busy having all that summer fun it can be easy to forget to hydrate until it’s too late. Experts recommend drinking 16-20 ounces of water 1-2 hours before exercising and then 6-12 ounces every 15 minutes while outside. But don’t stop chugging just because you’re back indoors—drink another 16-24 ounces.

Protect with a Non-Toxic SPF

After being cooped up all winter (more so than usual!) it's tempting to want to take advantage of every possible moment in the sun. Incorporate a natural, non-toxic sunscreen into your skincare routine that protects your skin from sunburn and premature aging, among other skin disorders. Apply it before you leave the house, take with you multiple layers of protective clothing, and don that cute summer hat!

Hit Pause on Digital Life

It’s difficult to feel completely refreshed when you’re still connected digitally, see (and hear) your work notifications ping, and find yourself mindlessly scrolling Instagram. Remove apps like Slack that might draw you back in, leave your work computer behind, and put your phone on airplane mode when enjoying your nature cleanse.

Sleep Better (& More) at Night

Longer days can also result in later nights out socializing but maintaining a healthy sleep routine is critical in tipping the wellness balance in your favor. Prioritize your sleep, get enough daytime rays, avoid electronic devices after sunset, dim the lights at home, and enjoy some wind-down time with a good book on the sofa. 

Carve Out Some “Me” Time

The summer season can get overloaded with engagements so be sure to carve out some “lazy” time each week where you get to indulge in something fun and relaxing—whether that’s your favorite show on Netflix, listening to a great fiction book on a late afternoon walk, or taking a solo walk on the beach at sunset. 

Pack Some On-the-Go Calm

Even though you might be enjoying a hectic schedule filled with fun, it can still take a toll on your body and mind. Be sure to pack some calm in your backpack, purse, or gym bag. Clean, plant-based products like essential oils and CBD Cream are a great support act to help you keep pace and in balance during this hectic season.

Kick Off Your Shoes, Literally 

Some scientific studies have shown the health benefits of “earthing”—walking barefoot on soil, grass, or sand. They found walking barefoot on a natural surface has been shown to increase antioxidants, improve sleep, and regulate your endocrine system. If you do kick off your shoes, always be aware of your surroundings and make sure it's safe for you to walk barefoot (i.e. the terrain isn't sharp or has the potential to injure your feet).

These simple shifts don't take a lot of effort, but even if you just pick one or two that are easiest to implement—they'll support you to feel healthy and balanced all season long.

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