5 Low-Impact Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

Get our five favorite at-home, low-impact workouts to keep your wellness game strong while you’re laying low at home.

The rug might have been pulled from under your usual day-to-day wellness routine recently meaning you’ve been missing your favorite pilates class, walking groups, HIIT classes, or gym session. And while nothing can replace those instructor-lead classes or meetups with your favorite walking partners—there are exercises you can do anytime, anywhere that require no equipment or special studio but simply a willingness to adapt, stay committed, and carry on!

Here is a list of our favorite at-home, low-impact workouts that support you throughout your day, are quick and easy (no matter your fitness level or age), low-risk, and can be done while sitting at your home office, streaming your favorite TV show, or while you’re choosing to lay low and stay at home:

Seated Hip Marches

Great for improving flexibility and mobility through your hips and can be used as a great warm-up routine. Sit on a sturdy chair with feet flat on the floor, engage your abdominal muscles, and lift your right leg with knee bend as high as feels comfortable and, with control, lower to the floor. Repeat on the opposite side and complete 20 alternating marches. Complete two or three sets (with breaks in between).

Seated Shoulder Press

Incorporating functional movements, like a shoulder press, into your workout routine is a great way to build strength. You can do this without weights, or use light dumbbells, water bottles, or resistance bands for an added challenge. While seated, place feet flat on the floor, bend your elbows, and have palms facing away, then press your arms straight up overhead, straightening your elbows. Complete 12 repetitions and do two to three sets (with breaks in between). 

Band Pull-Apart

Rounded, stiff backs are common after a day of being sedentary—the band pull-apart exercise helps to correct posture as well as build arm, chest, and back strength. Stand up straight and hold an exercise band (or you could use a pair of pantyhose, robe ties, or a stretchy pair of leggings) out in front of you at chest height with hands shoulder-width apart. Then pull the band apart, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Then return to the starting position. Try to get through 30 a day and change the resistance of your band if it’s too easy or hard.

Seated Torso Twists

Undo your stiffness from too much sitting while engaging your core and obliques. Sit tall in your chair (don’t lean back), place hands behind your head with elbows bent, and, as you exhale, gently twist your torso to the right as far as comfortable. Inhale, return to center and then repeat on the left side. Twist six to eight times on each side.

Butterfly Squats

Once you’re warmed up and ready to bring some more dynamic movement to your day, try butterfly squats and enjoy the sensation of elongating your body. Place feet hip-width apart, lower into a squat position with hands stretched straight out in front with left palm on top of the right. Then drop arms to hips and stand up quickly (but steadily) while reaching arms up overhead, lifting your heels off the floor (but keeping toes planted).

No matter the situation, keep your body moving, your mind clear, and your discomfort at bay by strengthening your body with these gentle movements. And don’t forget to support your body before and after with CBD products like CBD cream, CBD capsules and CBD spray, specifically formulated to stimulate and rejuvenate your muscles, release tension, and help you to feel refreshed.

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