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Welcome Calm & Centered: The New Name For Our Tranquility CBD Collection

When we first launched the Tranquility CBD collection back in 2018, the focus was to help you experience greater relaxation amid life’s endless demands. But, really—it’s so much more than that. While we created this collection to help you live serenely—we wanted you to be able to do so while feeling focused and centered, whether you’re at work or at play. We like to think of our products as a deep breath for your mind and a way to support a state of wakeful calm. 

Calm & Centered, the brand new name for our Tranquility collection! The Calm & Centered CBD Cream, CBD Capsules and CBD Roll-On are the same products with the exact same formulations of botanicals to support your wellness journey. But this new name is the perfect next step in its evolution to better represent a collection that will help to bring you back to your true “north”—even when your life seems to be in total overdrive. We are thrilled to continue to support you in your quest to unlock peace and clarity the natural way.



I love the Tranquility CBD cream with lavender, bergamot, argan seed and Hemp CBD. The lavender is the most important quality – love the fragrance. Does one of your products have it? Thank you!

Sagely Naturals

Hi @Melissa-great question! Our Calm & Centered products are exactly the same (ingredients and formulation) as the Tranquility product you purchased at your local store. The only difference is the name!


I just purchased the CBD ‘Tranquility’ cream…at my local Walgreens tonight and also noticed it in an organic market called ‘MOM’. Since you have rebranded Tranquility to ‘ Calm & Centered’ is my product completely the same as the new brand and as fresh?…I don’t see any expiration dates on any of your products. Is it possible to receive a sample of the latest version.?
Melissa @ 214-519-3985

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