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Are You Taking CBD? Know How to Read a COA

With new consumers flocking to CBD and the burst of new options in the marketplace—finding a trustworthy CBD product can be a bit like driving on the interstate without GPS—you’re never completely confident you’ll get to your destination. That is, unless, you know the shortcut! And in the case of CBD—one shortcut is knowing how to obtain and read a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Kaley Nichol, Sagely Naturals cofounder, walks us through how to find and read a Sagely Naturals COA as well as provides useful tips on what to look for when evaluating any CBD COA.

We use the highest quality ingredients into our CBD creams, CBD capsules, and CBD spray because you deserve to feel your best while feeling confident in your product’s quality and consistency. Whichever CBD product you choose, make sure that from seed to shelf what you’re buying is a superior product that has been carefully tested and quality controlled every step along the way.

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