How CBD Can Affect Muscle Recovery

How CBD can affect muscle recovery and help you get back to enjoying your favorite activities faster.

Whether you’re an athlete in training, gym-obsessed, or simply love a hard day’s work in the garden—it’s difficult to avoid the exercise-induced soreness that comes from a good workout. And while discomfort is a positive sign that your body is repairing and strengthening muscles, CBD can help support faster muscle repair, reduce inflammation, and maximize your workout gains.

Here are three ways CBD can affect muscle recovery while ensuring your soreness doesn’t impede your day-to-day responsibilities, your ability to focus on work, and your overall feeling of vitality:

CBD Supports Muscle Recovery

When muscles become inflamed after a workout, this triggers the body to respond and repair, causing soreness and stiffness. CBD targets the temporary and occasional discomfort associated with this process, helping the body back to equilibrium. We went a step further with our Relief & Recovery CBD Capsules, adding Organic Turmeric and Black Pepper to not only help with discomfort but also with exercise-induced inflammation—soothing muscles so you can be ready for your next activity. 

CBD Provides a Natural Boost to Performance Pre-Workout

While it’s natural to think about CBD in terms of post-workout recovery, taking CBD before you workout, hit the hiking trail, or attend your pilates class can also provide a natural boost to your performance. When paired with essential oils like Argan Oil, Peppermint Oil, and cooling menthol (like in our Relief & Recovery CBD Cream), it can also help to release tension, warm up muscles, and improve concentration.  

CBD Improves Sleep Quality, Accelerating Recovery

Poor sleep quality can have a significant negative effect on muscle performance and recovery since most of your recovery processes become active while you’re asleep. CBD helps you unwind and calm your mind before bed while promoting a deeper, more restorative rest which, in turn, helps to accelerate your body’s recovery after a tough workout.

CBD is a healthy way to not only help you recover from exercise-induced inflammation faster, but it can also support you in optimizing your workouts, boosting performance, and sharpening focus. And most importantly, it can help you get back to enjoying your favorite activities faster without the usual discomfort tagging along.

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