Why Wellness & Wellbeing Are Different (& Why It Matters)

Understand the difference between wellbeing and wellness and how to harness each of them to optimize your overall health.

If you feel like you’ve been doing everything possible to maintain mind-body health but still find you’re being hampered by things like tension, unease, or an underlying dissatisfaction with life—it could be that a focus on your wider wellbeing has gone unchecked.

While the terms wellbeing and wellness are often used interchangeably—there are distinct differences you should know about that when harnessed, can propel your desire for an optimum state of living to new heights. 

Wellness Vs Wellbeing—What’s the Difference?

While it may seem like the two concepts are synonymous, they actually hold different meanings and encompass different ideals. So what is wellness and what is wellbeing? 

Wellness is proactive, preventive, and driven by self-responsibility. It refers to the state of being healthy in both body and mind as a result of deliberate effort and includes things like:

Wellbeing, on the other hand, takes into account the entire person. It is an interconnected network of lifestyle habits that work together to bring you a sense of freedom and contentment (or a lack thereof) in all pursuits of life. It encompasses work, social, financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of life. 

Your wellbeing can be impacted by less visible forces which is why when one area of wellbeing is out of balance, it can cause your physical and mental health to suffer. This is why when you practice healthy lifestyle habits and adopt a holistic approach to your overall life satisfaction, in turn, improves your health and enhances your quality of life. 

At Sagely Naturals, our entire reason for being is to support your whole self wellness so you get back to doing what you love. This is why we focus on both wellness and wellbeing through mediums like our wiser wellness educational content and hemp-derived CBD products). And now that you know the difference between wellbeing and wellness you can take even greater charge of exploring new ways to live your best and most healthy life. 

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