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A Superior Product

Everything we do comes from a place of transparency and integrity -- from the ingredients we source to the information we share, to the tests we conduct to ensure quality and consistency -- so that more people will feel safe to discover and use CBD.

Sagely Naturals CBD-rich hemp leaf


Grown to organic standards, our non-GMO, sun-grown hemp is sourced from our partner farms in Colorado and Oregon and state certified by the Department of Agriculture. Beneficial insects like ladybugs are used throughout the process for pest control in lieu of harsh chemical applications of pesticides.

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We have created a proprietary method of extraction and purification at our state-of-the-art partner facilities. We use no harsh chemicals or solvents, and keep the "good stuff" (i.e. beneficial plant matter and cannabinoids) intact. All traces of THC are removed to a non-detectable amount (less than 0.0025%) per industry standards.

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Whole plant formulations harness the full potential of each botanical ingredient and increase product efficacy and absorption. We actively formulate our products to avoid toxins, carcinogens, animal biproducts, reproductive and endocrine disruptors, gluten, and ingredients harmful to the environment.

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Quality & Compliance

Our products are formulated by chemists for maximum potency and absorption. We use only the best-quality ingredients, and quadruple test our products with an accredited third party laboratory to ensure the highest level of purity. Our level of dedication to quality and compliance is setting a new industry-wide standard for product transparency.

Our commitment to quality starts at the root level.

From the hemp itself through the quadruple testing and compliance, our CBD products are superior because we invest in each and every step along the way.

Key Ingredient Glossary

Hemp leaf

Hemp-Derived CBD

Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating  cannabinoid that is associated with a wide range of health and wellness benefits. CBD interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for regulating a variety of functions. Hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC (Sagely’s products have non-detectable amounts of THC), and therefore has no intoxicating  side effects. 

Organic turmeric powder


Turmeric has been used in ancient Ayurvedic practices since 500 B.C. to address many issues. Its main ingredient, curcumin, is thought to be responsible for its powerful properties. Turmeric is considered to act as a protective agent for the body because of its potential to assist the body in anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidative responses

Peppermint leaves


In addition to its naturally calming aroma and cooling topical effects, Peppermint is associated with a variety of health benefits. When applied to the skin, Peppermint helps soothe the skin and can help promote post workout recovery.



Ashwagandha is a very revered herb of the Indian Ayurvedic system of plant based holistic well being. It is classified as an “adaptogen,” meaning it can help the body manage stress. Ashwaghanda has a wide range of impressive health benefits, including assisting with relieving stress, and potentially may increase energy levels.



Lavender is commonly heralded for its calming and soothing aromatherapy effects. However, it also has a variety of potential health benefits thanks to its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies suggest that the use of lavender essential oil may help improve sleep and ease stress.

Chamomile flowers


Chamomile is a flowering herb that looks similar to a tiny daisy. It has a gentle floral aroma that is very relaxing, which is why it's so popular in herbal teas and aromatherapy. It is well-known for its calming effects which makes it a great herb to use before bedtime. Chamomile is also a natural skin-soother when applied topically.

Clary Sage


Clary Sage is a flowering herb that’s native to the Mediterranean basin. When used in aromatherapy, Clary Sage can help reduce feelings of stress and induce a sense of well-being. Clary Sage also has natural antibacterial properties and is soothing to the skin when applied topically.



Eucalyptus is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to Australia. When used topically, it has the ability to help soothe tired or overworked muscles and is a natural antiseptic. When pressed, the leaves release flavonoids and tannins; flavonoids are plant-based antioxidants, and tannins help to reduce inflammation.

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia Bark

Despite its somewhat under-the-radar status, Magnolia Bark has been a powerhouse in traditional medicine for centuries. Magnolia Bark contains bioactive compounds that may help address a variety of conditions, from stress-reduction to promoting healthy sleep.

You can trust that every Sagely Naturals product is:

THC Free
Lab Tested
Leaping Bunny/Cruelty Free
Made in the USA
Recyclable Outer Packaging
Free from Parabens
Free from Sulfates and PEGs
Free from Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes
Vegan & Gluten Free

Made in the USA
No Parabens and Sulfates